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The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools is committed to working with the community to improve our schools and provide our students with additional resources and support. We believe that community involvement is critical to student achievement and overall community enrichment. YOU are the best resource the community has to offer! You can make the difference in a school community by volunteering your support.  Please check out the ways that you can be involved in supporting education in Los Angeles. 

Participate in School Career Days

Many of our students need real-world professionals to discuss career opportunities and tell the story of their own individual pathways to success. School career days provide students the opportunity to explore a variety of career paths by learning first-hand from the experience of adults in many different fields. Additionally, it gives the speakers an opportunity to share their knowledge in a way that shows our young people how many options are available to them if they simply focus on their education and continue to make good choices.  Speaking to students provides them with concrete examples of how they may transition from their classroom to a successful career in your field. 

Participate in Literacy Events

Our schools host countless reading activities for our students throughout the year. Many of these activities require adults to read with children or for adults to provide a safe environment for children to read to them. Reading aloud in a safe environment promotes a healthy love of reading, a tool necessary for success in school at all levels. Volunteers are always needed to make these events a success for our students.


A corporation can choose to participate in our adopt-a-school program. The adopt-a-school program is specifically tailored to your business to provide additional support for the entire school community. For more information on adopting schools, please see our Adopt-a-School page. 


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