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The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools has launched the Adopt-A-School program to provide our schools and businesses the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships that serve and support students.  We need your corporation's unique talent to give our kids the additional support and resources they need to be successful students and future workers in the business world.  This program provides both the corporation and the school an opportunity to produce educated citizens that contribute to the economic and social health of the community. 

Our first corporation to participate in the Adopt-a-School program was Fox Sports West Prime Ticket located in downtown LA.  Fox Sports West Prime Ticket made their commitment to education in Los Angeles by adopting the nearby Santee Education Complex.  The “Team Up for Education” program was successfully launched in the fall of 2009!  This program has provided our students and staff with additional resources, apprenticeship programs, and career exploration that would otherwise be impossible for the school to provide.  Fox Sports West Prime Ticket continues to strengthen their commitment to Santee and is currently planning for the upcoming school year. 

Program Categories

We are in the process of building a culture in Los Angeles that opens the doors of schools to the business community to improve the educational experience for our students. We believe a partnership with any corporation should be uniquely designed to connect the organizations energy and passion directly to the students and staff.  Below is a list of proposed programs and activities.  We suggest the program details be customized between the school and your organization to meet the collective needs. 

  1. Academic Enrichment/Career Awareness
    Provide additional resources to enhance the academic experience of students and increase their exposure to career opportunities.
  2. Student Incentives/Motivation
    Create opportunities to motivate students and reward them for good performance.
  3. Improving School Environment
    Participate in clean up days or beautification projects at the school and making financial and/or in-kind donations that support the school’s programs. 
  4. Faculty Support and Recognition
    Host events or make donations to help recognize teachers and their good work throughout the year 

For more information on how your organization can Adopt-A-School, please contact Saskia Pallais at 213-201-2000 ext. 245, or via email at We would love to hear from your organization.   

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