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To turn around under-performing schools and improve their academic performance, the Partnership implements a comprehensive education model that addresses key instructional, cultural and policy issues that have plagued LAUSD schools for years. Our model is focused on fundamental changes rather than incremental improvements.  We are committed to working with existing school staff and providing them with supports necessary for improving their practice.


Great Leaders

Use differentiated compensation to attract and retain the best principals

Provide customized training for school leaders through network-wide, level-alike and side-by-side support

Support leaders and hold them accountable using multiple-measure evaluations

Build a leadership pipeline, cultivating leaders at every level beginning in the classroom

Highly Effective Teaching

Transform our schools’ recruiting and hiring practices to attract and retain high-impact teachers

Identify and train emerging classroom leaders to drive instructional change

Use multiple-measure evaluations to strengthen supports and accountability

Continue to develop a college-ready program through successful implementation of the Common Core

College-Ready Students 

Use integrated data and assessment platform with real-time results so teachers can individualize support

Use technology to differentiate instruction for every student through blended learning

Provide expanded time for intervention and enrichment

Inspire students by expanding access to extracurricular and summer opportunities

Engaged & Empowered Families

Offer year-long empowerment program through the Parent College

Build partnerships to broaden range of resources at schools and deepen ties with the community

Ensure every school has a parent center staffed with trained parent volunteers

Provide direct, school-site support to engage and organize parents through Family Action Teams

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