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        Our Story

        • A non-profit built in collaboration with the City, LAUSD and over 1,000 public and private partners
        • One of the largest urban school turnaround organizations in the nation — same size as Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Malibu school districts combined
        • Transforming 17 of LAUSD’s lowest performing schools in Boyle Heights, Watts, and South LA
        • Serving 15,000 students with 1,300 school-site and 40 home-office staff
        • Bringing successful innovations to scale with an in-district reform model that benefits all students

        Our Mission and Goals

        Our Students

            90% Latino, 10% African American                                           29% English Learners

            95% Economically disadvantaged                                             12% Special education

        Our Performance

        • #1 improving school system in the State with API gains outpacing all other mid- to large-size school districts- last year, last 2 years, and over last 5 years
        • #1 improving school system in State on English and math over the last 2 years combined
        • Higher CST gains than LAUSD and the State in all content areas each of last two years
        • Graduation rates up from 36% to 57% over five years, with 9% growth last year and 14% growth over two years
        • #1 improving traditional high school in State for each of the last two years, with six high schools ranked in the top 8 in the State in terms of growth last year

        Our Model 

        Great Leaders

        Use differentiated compensation to attract and retain the best principals

        Provide customized training for school leaders through network-wide, level-alike and side-by-side support

        Support leaders and hold them accountable, using multiple-measure evaluations

        Build a leadership pipeline, cultivating leaders at every level, beginning in classroom

        Highly Effective Teaching

        Transform our schools’ recruiting and hiring practices to attract and retain high impact teachers

        Identify and train emerging classroom leaders to drive instructional change

        Use multiple-measure evaluations to strengthen supports and accountability

        Continue to develop a college-ready program through successful implementation of the Common Core

        Targeted Student Supports

        Use integrated data and assessment platform, with real-time results, so teachers can individualize support

        Use technology to differentiate instruction for every student through blended learning

        Provide expanded time for intervention and enrichment

        Inspire students by expanding access to extracurricular and summer opportunities

        Family and Community Engagement

        Offer year-long empowerment program through the Parent College

        Build partnerships to broaden range of resources at schools and deepen ties with the community

        Ensure every school has a parent center staffed with trained parent volunteers

        Provide direct, school-site support to engage and organize parents through Family Action Teams

        Our Influence

        The Partnership has spearheaded numerous initiatives that have changed policy and practice throughout LAUSD.

        Litigation - Filed Reed v. State of CA to address inequitable layoffs, ultimately resulting in protections for LAUSD’s neediest schools and statewide precedent

        School Report Cards - Launched school report cards to give families easy access to school performance data, a system later extended to all LAUSD school families

        Data Portal - Partnered with LAUSD to develop a data portal (MyData) allowing teachers to access student data online

        Gifted Testing - Extended gifted testing to all students, leading to a tenfold increase in the number of gifted students identified within our schools, and district-wide rollout

        Online Credit Recovery - Implemented online credit recovery system (APEX) for high school students, leading to graduation rate increases and LAUSD adoption

        Per Pupil Funding - Helped develop and pilot LAUSD’s per pupil funding system, increasing transparency and flexibility in school spending

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