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December 17, 2015

Graduation Rate for Partnership for LA Schools More Than Doubles to 77%

Math Science & Technology Magnet Academy At Roosevelt High School Increases 20 Points -- One of Only Two High Schools in All LAUSD With 100% Grad Rate 

All Network High Schools Boast Graduation Rates Above 70%

The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools today announced that according to data released by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), its network graduation rate has more than doubled since its founding in 2008 from 36% to 77%.  This represents a 7-point increase from the previous year and a 41-point increase over the network’s seven-year history. 

The Partnership was formed in 2008 to transform a portfolio of historically underserved public schools in Watts, South LA and Boyle Heights.

“We are proud that our collective efforts have yielded these remarkable results in some of the city’s highest-needs communities. Based on a combination of strategies that include a strong focus on academic rigor, leveraging community partners to support college access and heightened use of data to individualize instruction, we’ve more than doubled the percentage of students who receive a diploma each year,” said Joan Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer for the Partnership for LA Schools.

Graduation Rate Highlights from SY13-14 to SY14-15:

  • Mendez High School increased 12 points from 76% to 88%; and now exceeds LAUSD average by 5 points;
  • Jordan High School increased from 51% to 70% (19 points) and;
  • Math Science & Technology Magnet Academy at Roosevelt High School (MSTMA) increased 20 points from 80% to 100% and is one of two high schools in all of LAUSD with a 100% grad rate.

Graduation Rate by School since Joining the Partnership:


Rate When Joined

SY14-15 Rate


*number rounded

Roosevelt High








Santee Ed Complex




Mendez High




Jordan High




* Graduation rates are based on LAUSD preliminary calculations run each fall. Official graduation rates are released by the CDE the following spring.

Additional Quotes:

“When our last student in the class of 2015 met all graduation requirements, we stood in disbelief.  None of us had ever experienced 100% of students meeting all graduation requirements. Then, we cheered,” said Jose Espinoza, principal, MSTMA. “We now know that providing all students with a rigorous and nurturing curriculum, closely coupled with family and community partner support to provide persistent support and encouragement works.”

“When we first reopened Jordan, we knew that if we wanted to improve the lives of our students we had to change the culture,” noted Carlos Montes, principal, Jordan High School. “With new norms in place that set high expectations for our students we’ve more than doubled our graduation rate in just four years and are on our way to 100% graduation. We owe our success in large part to the hard work and effort of our students, staff, community and our partners.”

“Mendez High School opened its gates in 2009 with high academic expectations and a responsibility to uphold the legacy of access that the Mendez family established in the 1940’s,” said Mauro Bautista, principal, Mendez High School. “We are proud that our 2015 graduation rate of 87.6% meets those high expectations and honors the Mendez family.  Furthermore, we are proud that our graduation rate increase from 2011 to 2015 is among one of the highest in the Los Angeles Unified School District.”

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