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January 04, 2016

Introducing the Lundquist Fellows Class of 2015-16!

This month, we announced the Partnership’s highly anticipated Lundquist Fellows class of 2015-16! A total of 22 students from across the Partnership’s middle and high schools were selected after a competitive interview process. 

The Richard and Melanie Lundquist Fellows Program launched in 2010 to identify and develop promising young leaders who have already demonstrated leadership, and commitment to their school, education and communities. 

As a Lundquist Fellow, students receive several opportunities for professional growth. They are invited to join the Partnership’s Student Advisory Board where they get the chance to influence our work. They participate in career shadowing to gain real-world experience and engage in a mentoring program where they receive one-on-one college and career advice. Fellows also take part in various Partnership events, including a recognition ceremony at the end of the program. After successfully completing the program, our 22 Lundquist Fellows will receive a $500 scholarship to advance their educational aspirations. Congratulations to our students!


Below are our new Lundquist Fellows:

Qwentell Moore, Gompers MS, 8th grade

Toshia Pritchett, Carver MS, 6th grade

Jennifer Vega, Carver MS, 7th grade

Jennifer Fuentes, Gompers MS, 8th grade

Mark Carillo, Hollenbeck MS, 8th grade

Noemi Pedraza, Hollenbeck MS, 8th grade

Angel  Macias, Jordan HS,12th grade

Tanaja Sims, Jordan HS, 11th grade

Edith Tovar, Jordan HS,12th grade

Mel'anie Henry, Markham MS, 6th grade

Arcelia Chavez, Markham MS, 8th grade

Mauro Bautista Flores, Mendez HS, 11th grade

Metzli  Garcia, Mendez HS, 10th grade

Citlali Lopez, Mendez HS, 9th grade

Diana Aguilar, Roosevelt HS,12th grade

Cynthia Erenas, Roosevelt HS,12th grade

Marc Arenas, Roosevelt MSTMA,12th grade

Adela Lopez, Roosevelt MSTMA,12th grade

Omar  Ramirez, Santee HS, 12th grade

Victoria Sepulveda, Santee HS, 11th grade

Edward Garcia, Stevenson MS, 8th grade

Diana Pena, Stevenson MS, 7th grade

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