The Partnership is thrilled to announce the 2016-17 class of Lundquist Fellows, outstanding middle and high schools were selected after a competitive interview process.

Lundquist Fellows and their families join Richard and Melanie Lundquist at a luncheon celebrating the students’ success


The Richard and Melanie Lundquist Fellows Program launched in 2010 to identify and develop promising young leaders who have already demonstrated leadership, and commitment to their school, education and communities.

As a Lundquist Fellow, students receive several opportunities for professional growth. They are invited to join the Partnership’s Student Advisory Board where they get the chance to influence our work. They participate in career shadowing to gain real-world experience and engage in a mentoring

Lundquist Fellows tour Loyola Marymount University

program where they receive one-on-one college and career advice. Fellows also take part in various Partnership events, including a recognition ceremony at the end of the program. After successfully completing the program, our Lundquist Fellows will receive a $500 scholarship to advance their educational aspirations. Congratulations to our students!


  • Jessie Jovani Romero, Carver Middle School
  • Kamili Burt, Carver Middle School
  • Andrea Antonio, Gompers Middle School
  • Veronica Delgado, Gompers Middle School
  • Vivian Chavaria, Gompers Middle School
  • Aveney Athena Perez, Hollenbeck Middle School
  • Mark Velasco, Hollenbeck Middle School
  • Sonia Lopez-Alvarez, Hollenbeck Middle School
  • Anthony Sanchez, Jordan High School
  • Rachel Rios, Jordan High School
  • Renajah Lee, Markham Middle School
  • Tatiana Aguilar, Markham Middle School
  • Anvy Alozier Aguilar, Mendez High School
  • Jennifer Vega, Mendez High School
  • Alexis Romero, MSTMA at Roosevelt High School
  • David Leon, Roosevelt High School
  • Elisa Gonzalez, Roosevelt High School
  • Stacy Gandarilla, Roosevelt High School
  • Arely Alarcon, Santee High School
  • Yasmin Alonzo, Santee High School
  • Aidan Del Real, Stevenson Middle School
  • Heidy Barrera, Stevenson Middle School