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We know that the needs of our students and schools go beyond what we can directly provide, so we work with community organizations and partners to better serve our students. We invite you to join us in our mission to transform schools and revolutionize school systems, empowering all students with a high-quality education. Explore Our Partners

Our Community Partners

Our partners provide vital supports for our students, schools, and families. They provide social-emotional supports including art therapy and conflict resolution tools, in-classroom academic intervention, adult education opportunities for parents, and much, much more.

Our Most Critical Partner

The Los Angeles Unified School District serves over 600,000 students in K-12 grade at over 1,000 schools, and covers 720 square miles. Partnership schools are public, LA Unified schools, and our 13,500 students make up a small portion of the district’s enrollment. Nonetheless, we work closely with LA Unified administrators and our local districts to share best practices and influence education beyond our network.

2019 State of Schools Gathering

On April 25, the Partnership welcomed donors and partners to George Washington Carver Middle School for our annual State of Schools Gathering, to celebrate another successful year working together to jointly achieve the Partnership’s mission of transforming schools and revolutionizing school systems. Over 150 community and education leaders joined us to explore the theme of equitable college access. Our CEO, Joan Sullivan, took time to share the Partnership’s recent progress and the college going initiatives in place to support our scholars in their pursuit of higher education; our panel of education leaders and policy advocates discussed the current education landscape and opportunities to increase equity in college acceptance for students of color; and Santee Education Complex alum Jaden Pitts provided an inspiring account of his experience as an African American college freshman attending a predominately white campus in Orange County. See photos here!

The Mission Continues Provides a Fresh Look

The Mission Continues deploys veterans on new missions in their communities, so that their actions will inspire future generations to serve. Across the Partnership network, their volunteers have performed days of service that provided schools with new murals and improved outdoor areas, including at 107th Street Elementary, Dolores Huerta Elementary, and Hollenbeck Middle School.

Wasserman Foundation's Watts Focus

The Wasserman Foundation, one of the Partnership’s long-time supporters, has deepened its investment in Watts in recent years, working with community stakeholders to respond to urgent needs. Wasserman’s supports include social-emotional learning for students and adults, psychiatric workers, and days of service at Watts schools.

City Year Keeps Students in School

City Year serves more than three-fourths of the Partnership’s schools, providing mentoring from highly skilled and dedicated Americorps members. Their support has been vital in raising graduation rates across the network.

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Thought Leadership and School Site Innovation

With almost a decade of experience working in LA Unified schools, the Partnership is a thought leader in multiple educational areas. We believe that in order to empower all students with a high-quality education, we must scale our successes and share our best practices. Accordingly, we are always interested in piloting our model in new settings, and invite you to reach out to explore collaboration in new schools and communities.

Advocating for Equity

The Partnership has a history of advocacy that has resulted in meaningful change for students in LA Unified and across California. As a collaborative partner with LA Unified, we have applied our experience and recognized expertise alongside a broad range of stakeholders to push for change. We also pursue impact litigation efforts, including the Reed vs California case, which provided new supports for 36 high-need schools in LA Unified, and Cruz vs California, which ensured that students across California received the instructional time to which they are entitled. We are currently working to resolve two critical issues facing the Los Angeles education system: equitable funding and unified enrollment.

In support of these efforts, we have developed policy briefs around both equitable funding and unified enrollment. The research, analysis and recommendations within these briefs are an outgrowth of what we have heard and experienced alongside the school leaders, teachers and parents in our communities. The briefs are meant to inform and influence district and community leaders as we all work toward a more equitable system.

We have also helped launch, and actively participate in, coalitions around these issues, including Partnership for Equitable Access to Public Schools Los Angeles (PEAPS-LA) and United Parents for Educational Justice (UPEJ). We invite you to share your feedback and get involved.

“Sustainable change comes from the ground up” - Joan Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer

School Site Innovation

Our transformation model bridges the gap between the flexibility of a charter school and traditional district settings, and we believe the progress that our network has made is replicable in urban districts across the country. Within various areas of our model, including restorative justice, parent engagement, school leader development, and teacher development pathways, we have worked to standardize and scale our successes, and we invite you to reach out to explore opportunities to bring our work to new settings.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Restorative Justice
    The Partnership supports our schools to become Restorative Communities: school communities that are physically, intellectually and emotionally safe, trauma-informed, and committed to social and racial justice. Through this lens, responsible and respectful students and adults work toward all students being prepared to thrive in a four-year college and career of their choice. We build capacity and advocate for restorative practices, trauma-informed practices, social-emotional learning, mindfulness, positive behavior intervention and supports.
  • Parent Engagement
    The Partnership’s Parent College has expanded to serve schools outside the network and outside of LA Unified, helping more than 8,900 parents across California become informed advocates for their students’ education.
  • School Leader Development
    Along with UCLA’s Principal Leadership Institute, the Partnership has created a yearlong Fellows program for emerging school leaders, that helps them gain real-world experience geared towards serving high-need schools and will create a pipeline of great leaders.

The Richard and Melanie Lundquist Fellows Program

The Richard and Melanie Lundquist Fellows Program started in 2010 to help identify young leaders in the Partnership’s middle schools and high schools. This five-year fellowship program seeks to further develop students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment to their schools, education, and communities with an academic scholarship and opportunities for professional growth. Students apply and are selected to join the program during their seventh grade school year and begin participating in the fall of their eighth grade school year.


As Lundquist Fellows, students gain exposure to college and career experiences, including participation in the annual summer Oregon Young Scholars Program, opportunities to serve as ambassadors for their schools, communities, and the Partnership, recognition of their fellowship participation at a yearly ceremony, and more!


Lundquist Fellows also receive a scholarship each year they fulfill program requirements, totaling $2,000 after completing five years of participation.

Become a Lundquist Fellow

The Partnership welcomes the next cohort of Lundquist Fellows to join our community of student leaders. Apply today and enjoy various Partnership opportunities and events. Applications to join the 2020-21 cohort are due on Friday, February 28, 2020.


To apply, access the application by clicking here. For frequently asked questions please click here.

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