School Culture

The Partnership’s culture team’s vision for healthy school culture is to cultivate schools that center joy and belonging, in order to empower each scholar to create a vision that honors their identity, dreams, and creativity. We integrate restorative practices, a college-going and completion culture, and arts-rich schools. Our team supports systems-building at school sites alongside school leaders, educators, students and families.

Positive and Healthy School Culture

Restorative Communities

A Restorative Community is the result of intentionally promoting a positive and healthy school culture by building, strengthening and (when harm occurs) repairing relationships through social and emotional learning, circle practice, and restorative dialogue. Restorative Communities honor diversity, identity, and human rights.

College and Career Readiness

College Culture

We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to access and thrive in higher education. Preparing a student for college and career success begins early on and is a collective effort.

Holistic Learning and Thinking Critically

Arts Education

The arts help students to think critically, express themselves, and discover new perspectives. Arts education is an important component of holistic student learning and positive school culture.