We Build Systems

The work of school transformation is – at its core – about changing, building, and strengthening systems within a school and building the capacity of adults who surround students. Our work focuses on building the capacity of the following groups:

1. School Leaders
We equip school leaders (principals and assistant principals) with the learning, skills, and coaching support to develop and implement strong visions and systems with their faculty and staff.

2. Teachers
We provide leadership opportunities and support Partnership teachers who seek to impact their school community by taking on leadership roles in instruction, school culture, family engagement, and the arts.

3. Families
We engage parents and families to establish and realize a common vision that understands and supports student achievement.

4. Community Partners
We collaborate with community partners to leverage additional supports and resources for the individualized needs and goals of our schools and to build courageous coalitions that work together to close equity gaps.

To learn more about our Capacity building work please visit our Partnership Playbook. The Playbook is a comprehensive online tool that details our school transformation method. It outlines a path forward for traditional public school systems to accelerate equity for low-income students and students of color.

Graphic outlining the Partnership's capacity building work.