September 2021

Five Ways That LA Unified Can Ensure New State and Federal School Funding Will Have a Lasting Impact

In September, we published an equity alert that shares ways in which the Los Angeles Unified School District (LA Unified) can ensure new state and federal school funding will have a lasting impact for students. Our recommendations are grounded in our commitment to equity and our experience supporting transformation at 19 LA Unified schools. We believe LA Unified faces a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve public education and make a lasting impact beyond the 2024 spending deadline. Investing in systems can have a long-term and transformative impact beyond the efforts of specific individuals or specific resources. In this equity alert, we identify five high-leverage recommendations and offer additional ideas for how LA Unified could invest in systems now to establish a foundation for sustainable transformation for students. We appreciate LA Unified's leadership amidst all the challenges and trade-offs they face when considering how resources can best be used.