We connected virtually with Celeste Enriquez, 7th-grade student at Stevenson College & Career Preparatory (middle school), to learn about her hopes and dreams for the future.

Celeste finds the study of human behavior fascinating and dreams of becoming an FBI criminal profiler.

What was your biggest learning this year – about yourself and/or your online learning?

I have learned that online learning requires discipline and that I can work independently to complete all of my schoolwork. I’ve learned how to navigate Zoom and troubleshoot connection issues. Most importantly, I’ve learned to speak up. I am not as timid as I was, and when I need help or have questions I reach out to my teachers. I even participate more in my classes by sharing my work and/or providing feedback on assignments.

What is your biggest hope for the future?

Personally, I want to continue maintaining good grades in school, and attend my dream college – Columbia University – and major in criminal justice. For humanity and the world, I hope COVID-19 ends soon. I also hope we can one-day eradicate racism and discrimination against minorities. I would like people to learn from one another and get along to end senseless murders.

What are some activities that have supported you during this difficult year?

Drawing while listening to music has been so helpful. I love drawing flowers and animals and listening to music from some of my favorite artists like Billie Eilish, Bad Bunny, and Wallows. I’ve also enjoyed bingeing some TV series on Netflix – Criminal Minds, Vampire Diaries, The Flash, The Originals, The Order, Legacies, and The Office.

If you could give thank you notes to your teachers and parents, what would you say?

To my parents: Thank you for all your love and support with my schooling.  Your positive reinforcement and guidance in my schoolwork have helped me to do my best. You are my role models and my motivation to pursue my goals and dreams.

To my teachers: Thank you for inspiring me to do my best and for pushing me to challenge myself. I appreciate your feedback on my school performance. I learn a lot from you, and you give me room to grow and learn from my mistakes.

If you could be anything in this world, what would you be?

My ultimate goal is to become an FBI criminal profiler. I find the study of human behavior fascinating. Preventing crime from happening by analyzing behavioral patterns is something I am interested in doing once I become an FBI agent.