We are pleased to share new policy briefs the Partnership team has developed on two critical issues facing our education system here in Los Angeles: equitable funding and unified enrollment.

Unified Enrollment Briefing at Mendez High School

In addition to directly managing 19 LAUSD schools, the Partnership also advocates for broader system change, working to remove barriers and develop best practices not only for our schools, but for other high-need schools in Los Angeles as well. We do this as a partner with the district, drawing on our direct experience with LAUSD schools to identify systemic challenges and champion change where change is needed.

The briefs attached here are examples of this. The research, analysis and recommendations here are an outgrowth of what we have heard and experienced alongside the school leaders, teacher and parents in our school communities. The briefs are meant to inform and influence district and community leaders as we all work toward a more equitable system.
We welcome opportunities for dialogue on these topics and look forward to feedback.