Sharing Our Tools For Systems Change Resources We are happy to share resources we have developed that leverage our experience working with schools and advocating for policies that support schools in communities that have been historically underserved. Our work often includes independent research as well as our experience and partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District and the work of our community partners. In this section, we include policy papers, case studies, impact reports and other resources. For more information, or to discuss these tools further, contact us at View Our Resources

Policy Briefs

Our experience with historically underserved schools -- and the students and families they serve -- allow us a unique opportunity to actively advocate for systemic changes within school districts that create more equitable access to education to better support high-need schools and communities. Our policy proposals are based on our extensive experience working with teachers, families, students, school districts, partners, and collaborators. You can access recent policy briefs below. For more information, contact us at

February 2018

Seizing The Opportunity: Equitable School Funding in Los Angeles

Recommendations on how to ensure that more dollars are allocated to LA Unified's highest-need schools, and how to do so in a way that allows school communities to make budget decisions that reflect their unique circumstances and vision.