We spoke with Angel Garcia, a senior at Roosevelt High School and a 2018-19 and 2019-20 Lundquist Fellow, who shared his high school student experience and what it was like to apply to college this year. Learn more about Angel below.

Angel Garcia is very involved at Roosevelt, and participates in many enrichment programs, such as the Lundquist Fellows program, Coro Youth Fellowship, mock trial, and more.

I knew that I wanted to go to Roosevelt High School since I was in elementary school. Its extensive tradition and history always appealed to me and I knew that Roosevelt was the place where I would succeed. I joined the Law and Public Service pathway my sophomore year to challenge myself academically and nurture my passion for social justice and community service. My teachers have immensely supported my interest in this pathway through career oriented field trips, where I’ve expanded my knowledge on the criminal justice system; and career readiness skills which have also helped develop my leadership skills.

As a current senior, I’m looking forward to hearing back from Franklin and Marshall College – my top-choice school. I’d like to major in Political Science and/or government. I also applied to various state universities, some of which are: UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UC Santa Cruz. So far my college application experience has been quite daunting. The application is long, rigorous and intimidating, but I was determined to submit the best application possible. Aside from the rigor of applying to college, I am excited about going to college and meeting my professors. I am passionate about politics and I’m looking forward to engaging in conversations with them, specifically as they pertain to my personal values.  My experience at Roosevelt helped me prepare for college by providing rigorous courses such as AP World History, AP English Literature, AP Spanish Language to name a few. My extracurricular activities also played an important role with my focus and time management skills. I have been able to be a part of different groups including the Latin Jazz Band, mock trial, and the football team. Through Roosevelt I have also been able to network and participate in the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools’ Lundquist Fellows program and the Coro Youth Fellowship of Coro Southern California. My overall experience at Roosevelt High School has been very memorable.

Throughout my educational journey, my parents’ hard work ethic embedded in me a strong desire to succeed in college and in life. They aren’t very familiar with the college process, but they went through it with me and have provided immense social-emotional support.  I would like to someday help shape and uplift all people from my community. Although my days as a Roosevelt Roughrider are numbered, I know that this only marks the beginning of my career as an agent of social change. My goal is to become an immigration attorney to defend and represent a community that claims the American dream in a country that marginalizes them.

About the Partnership’s Lundquist Fellows Program

The Lundquist Fellows program was founded in honor of Melanie and Richard Lundquist, co-founders of the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools. This year-long program seeks to reward students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment to their schools, education, and communities. Students have the opportunity to participate in the Partnership’s Student Advisory Board, visit college campuses and/or attend a skills-based conference, among various Partnership events and a culminating program ceremony. Lundquist Fellows receive a $500 scholarship when they successfully complete the program. For more information, email Sima.Alimadadian@partnershipla.org.