About The Partnership

The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools is an independent non-profit that manages 19 LA Unified schools and serves over 14,200 students in the communities of Boyle Heights, South LA, and Watts. We work closely with school leaders, teachers, parents, and community partners to provide additional supports for students in our schools, and we also advocate for educational equity and resource equity for high-need schools in Los Angeles and beyond.

What are Family Action Teams?

Each one of our schools has a site-based “Family Action Team,” which includes parents, teachers, community partners, students and school administrators. The multi-stakeholder groups work in five areas:

  1. Getting more parents engaged and involved at school
  2. Increasing communication between school and home
  3. Engaging parents in student learning
  4. Making decisions at the school level
  5. Establishing shared accountability for achieving school goals

Our Partnership team plays a key role in training and coaching school-based Family Action Teams and providing supports for successful team development. We also build the capacity of our teachers to engage families beyond the classroom when they lead Family Action Teams.

What are Parent Centers?

Each of our schools have thriving Parent Centers to support the needs of our families. Services can include: academic workshops, volunteer opportunities, parenting programs, and social-emotional services and resources. Our school site Parent Centers represent the interests, cultures, and values of all families at the school. Our schools play a role in building bridges among families and school staff. For more information, contact your school directly.